Car Air Conditioning Trowbridge

The experts at Riverway MOT Centre provide professional servicing and repairs for car air conditioning in Trowbridge. We can work on vehicle air conditioning units for both older and newer cars, vans and motorhomes as we are qualified to work with both R134a and R1234yf refrigerant gas. So, whether you need regassing, repairs or air con servicing, visit us for quality services at low prices.

Car Air Conditioning Service

As your car’s air conditioning unit is not covered as part of the yearly MOT, it can be overlooked and neglected. Regular car air conditioning servicing is important as modern vehicle HVAC and climate control systems are complex and require regular maintenance to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.

Neglected air conditioning systems can produce bad odours, lose the ability to blow cool air and can leak. Our qualified technicians can service your vehicle’s air con unit at a competitive price. You will not only benefit from cooler air, but a service will also improve the air quality by removing bacteria, odours and pollen, which in turn will create a more enjoyable ride. Our air conditioning service includes:

Car Air Con Regas

If your vehicle’s air con isn’t producing cool air, it is likely the gas in your unit has depleted and your vehicle needs a car air con regas. Our expert technicians provide car air con regassing in Trowbridge as a one-off service if required. Alternatively, you can opt for our air con servicing package which includes fault finding, repairs and de-bugging.

Car Air Con Repairs

If your air conditioning unit is faulty, come to us for car air con repairs. We can inspect your unit and perform professional repairs at low prices. Any faulty parts will be replaced. We will also check for and fix leaks, and ensure your system is performing as it should. To get a free quote, call the team.

Contact Riverway MOT Centre

If you require further information about our repairs, regassing and servicing for car air conditioning in Trowbridge, please get in touch. We can book your vehicle in at a suitable time for you. Alternatively, to request a free quotation either visit us or give us a call.