Car Diagnostics Trowbridge

If any of your vehicle dash lights have become illuminated it could indicate that there is a problem with your car. You may also be experiencing strange noises, vibrations or loss of power, or perhaps your engine struggles to start? If so, visit Riverway MOT Centre for car diagnostics in Trowbridge. We can inspect your vehicle, diagnose the fault and recommend affordable repair solutions.

What is Engine Diagnostics?

Modern cars have an engine control unit (ECU) fitted which monitors the performance and condition of the vehicle. Multiple sensors are strategically fitted around the vehicle which feed information through to the ECU. If the sensors identify an issue, it will trigger an ECU fault code which will make warning lights appear on your dash. It is important that warning lights are not ignored, so if you notice any unexpected lights illuminated on your dash, get in touch to arrange an appointment for engine diagnostics.

The team at Riverway MOT Centre use state-of-the-art engine diagnostic equipment to quickly identify faults with your car. This equipment can save time and money as it pinpoints the root of the fault without the need for time-consuming vehicle inspections. Furthermore, we offer our car diagnostics tests at a fixed price, so there are no hidden costs.

Once all faults are identified we will provide a comprehensive recommendation for repairs, complete with a free no obligation quotation. If you are happy with the quote, we can book your car in at a time to suit you.

Mechanical Fault Finding

As well as providing ECU engine diagnostics, we can also offer traditional mechanical fault finding services. Our technicians can thoroughly inspect your vehicle and identify worn parts and faults that need attention. This service is perfect for older vehicles that do not have an ECU or vehicles with faulty ECUs. Once we have diagnosed the problem, we can recommend car repairs to rectify the issue.

Contact Riverway MOT Centre

For further information, a quotation or to book your vehicle in for car diagnostics in Trowbridge, please contact the team. We can arrange an appointment at a date and time to suit your needs.