MOT Trowbridge

Looking for a reliable local garage to perform your vehicle’s annual MOT in Trowbridge? Riverway MOT Centre provides testing for both cars, vans and motorcycles at competitive prices. All tests are performed on-site in our approved test centre, so you can have confidence that your vehicle is in safe hands. For further information, give us a call or get in touch to book your vehicle in at a time to suit your schedule.

MOT Test Centre

Our MOT Test Centre in Trowbridge is approved by the DVSA. As a result, all tests are performed on-site. Some garages claim to be able to ‘arrange’ your test when really all they do is send it away to their chosen test centre, so you will not know where your vehicle has been. Here at Riverway, our technicians complete the test on-site so you can have complete peace of mind that your car will receive a thorough inspection and will stay on our premises at all times.

Why Do I Need a Test?

The MOT test checks many components of your vehicle to ensure it meets a set standard for safety. It is a legal requirement that all vehicles over three years old that are intended for use on a public highway have an annual inspection. New cars do not need to be submitted for inspection until they reach three years of age.

What is Checked During the MOT?

During the test, many parts of your vehicle are checked to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy. Inspections include but are not limited to checking the following aspects of your vehicle:

What is Not Included as Part of a Ministry of Transport Test?

There are some components of your vehicle that will not be checked as part of the annual Ministry of Transport test. As a result, we recommend regular servicing to ensure your vehicle stays in top condition. Parts not checked during the test include but are not limited to the following:

MOT Check

Not sure when your next test is due? Finding out when your test is due is easy. Just fill in your registration number here.

Book an MOT in Trowbridge

If you would like to book an MOT in Trowbridge, then give us a call. We perform class 1 to 7 tests, so whether you have a car, motorbike or light commercial vehicle, get in touch to arrange a test at a suitable time for you.

Contact Riverway MOT Centre

For further information or to book an MOT in Trowbridge, please get in touch with the team. Our fully qualified technicians are ready and waiting to ensure your safety on the road, so get in touch to arrange a booking at a time to suit you.