Wheel Alignment Trowbridge

Riverway MOT Centre offers wheel alignment in Trowbridge for all makes and models of vehicle. We use state of the art wheel aligning equipment to ensure perfect alignment, every time. In addition, we also offer wheel balancing at competitive prices. Misaligned wheels or unbalanced tyres can cause uneven tyre wear and an uncomfortable ride. So, get in touch to book your vehicle in for wheel balancing and wheel alignment in Trowbridge.

What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment (also known as ‘tracking’) is a process performed to ensure all the wheels on your car are perfectly aligned with one another. It is important because it will ensure your car drives straight and true.

Your wheels can become misaligned due to various factors such as hitting a kerb or driving through a pothole. In addition, did you know that even brand new cars can have slight misalignment? So, no matter the age of your vehicle, it is worth getting the alignment checked for accuracy. Our expert technicians use leading equipment to ensure precision alignment. Signs of misaligned wheels include:

Wheel Balancing

In addition to wheel alignment, we also offer wheel balancing. Wheel balancing is the art of ensuring that weight is distributed evenly around the wheel. If the wheel is balanced correctly, it will rotate evenly, providing a more comfortable ride and even tyre wear.

If your wheels are not balanced it can lead to vibrations through the steering, uneven tyre wear and even parts of your steering and suspension can become affected. So, if you suspect your wheels need balancing, either pop in or get in touch to book your vehicle in at a time to suit your schedule.

Contact Riverway MOT Centre

For further information or to book you vehicle in for wheel balancing or wheel alignment in Trowbridge, get in touch with the team. Our qualified mechanics have experience in all makes and models and provide a professional service, every time.